Praise for Ruddigore

The G&S production of Ruddigore has received praise from audiences and critics alike.

“There are uncommonly pretty costumes and decor. This time the highlight is the paintings of the ancestors that suddenly come to life,” writes Mariana Malan in Die Burger.

For Sheila Chisholm, the highlights are the performers, as she writes in the WeekendSpecial: “… for my money it’s Warren (Margaret), Van der Westhuizen (Sir Ruthven) and Le Roux’s (Despard) rendering of the obligatory tongue twister patter song (My eyes are fully opened).  And the rapport between Rose (Atterbury) and Robin (van der Westhuizen).”

Of course with it being a Gilbert & Sullivan Comic Opera, the music received high praises all-round.

“Best of all are the duets, trios, and choruses as voices of different registers combine in robust harmony to deliver the lyrics that have made Gilbert and Sullivan works a perennial favourite with audiences for many a decade – and full marks to Cockburn and instrumentalists from the CTPO for their reliable accompaniment to this off-the-wall operetta,” writes Beverley Brommert in the Cape Argus.

Here’s what some of the audience members had to say:

Nic Ciro
“Wow! Hearty congratulations on an astonishing ‘Ruddigore’ – the result of hours and hours of work and fanatical attention to detail. Not a single aspect was left to chance and every gesture of every actor was carefully directed. The sound mix in itself was perfect. The production moved like a well-maintained Rolls Royce, which meant that every member of the cast, orchestra and production crew (lighting!) was given a chance to shine. I sincerely hope ‘Ruddigore’ reaches an international stage, where it will deserve every accolade that it gets. Bravo, brava and bravi to you guys and your cast and crew.”

Priscilla Laing
“I, We (G&S totally alien to my Germanic husband!) thoroughly enjoyed it.  He thought the plot was silly (but then as I explained about G&S generally …..  So he was quite happy and thought it was great fun).

As usual, I am amazed at what a great show you guys put on. Barend vd Westhuizen is one of my favourites, and for ‘Dick’ – good old ‘British Tar’.  Monika, as always, was fabulous.

We thought ‘Mad Margaret’ was absolutely fantastic!  She must have been exhausted by the end!  In our household its now ‘Muizenburg’ for all states of panic!

The ‘patter’ song was absolutely fantastic!  I think its the hardest of all the G&S ‘patters’, and it was just remarkable.

Do thank Alastair for me.  The Orchestra and arrangement were super, and I loved the fact that the Overture was not the usual one.

Choreography and set – well, what can I say……..

All of the above an obvious result of a Director with a meticulous eye for detail, a crystal clear understanding of her vision for the show; possessing the skills to direct every principal and chorus member on stage.

Once again, thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable time.  Can’t wait for the next one!”

Rodney Trudgeon
“I was absolutely delighted with the G&S production of Ruddigore.  It is a joy to watch and as always, the chorus are in fine fettle and the costumes and scenery are effective without being distracting or over the top.  The opera is given good pace by Alistair Cockburn conducting the Cape Town Philharmonic, who sounded on great form at opening night.  For me the two stars of opening night were Sian Attebury as Rose and Stephan Le Roux as Sir Despard Murgatroyd. Congratulations all round, especially to director Roche Haupt Buckle.”

David Eedes
“Congratulations to you and the rest of the team on a great production and performance last night. A fun evening of G&S.”

Corné Basson
“I am a huge G&S fan, but must admit I’d never even heard of Ruddigore. What a fantastic, fabulous, musically brilliant, costumely colorful, set-wise genius show this is!! My 10 year old was in awe and conducting the music by the end of the second half. I will love it for the rest of my life. Well-done, G&S and all my friends who are involved!!”