Snoopy: The Musical (2018)

Visit Snoopy and all of his friends at the ArtsCape Arena, from 9 to 18 February 2018. Based on the beloved Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz, the show sparkles with wit and warmth as it depicts life as seen through the eyes of Schulz`s unforgettable characters. Musical numbers include “Just One Person,” “Poor Sweet Baby”, “Don`t Be Anything Less (Than Everything You Can Be)”, “Edgar Allen Poe” and “Daisy Hill.” The London version of Snoopy includes all the songs from the original version, plus four more: “Hurry Up, Face”, “Mother`s Day”, “Dime A Dozen”, and “When Do The Good Things Start?”


Artistic Team

Darryl Spijkers


Kathy Lin

Musical Director

Jon-Paul Rauschenbaum

Assistant Musical Director & Vocal Coach

Wicus Louw

Choreographer & Lighting Designer

David Pamplin

Costume Designer

Waldo Buckle

Production Manager & Set Designer

Zain Cassiem

Set Designer

Principal Cast

Jaydon Farao


Craig Nudelman

Charlie Brown

Bryony Bosman

Sally Brown

Simon Thompson


Robyn Williams


Martine Kawalsky

Peppermint Patty

Erin Gemmell